Backgammon Chouette

Backgammon Chouette is a unique and exciting gambling game loved by many professional gamblers. It is played with a single backgammon board according to the standard rules of backgammon but involves multiple players, making it a more interactive and social experience than traditional backgammon. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Backgammon Chouette, including its rules, meaning, and history.

Backgammon Chouette Meaning

Chouette is a French word meaning “little owl or screech owl” and is said to describe the formation of a group of players watching and waiting for their turn to take on the captain. Nobody knows who gave this form of backgammon its name, but it indisputably originates in France.

There is an old French idiom, “faire la Chouette,” which means to compete alone against two or more. This might derive from the animal world, where a little owl has to fight for its life when outnumbered by winged enemies.

Backgammon Chouette Rules

To understand and learn the rules of Backgammon Chouette, it’s insurmountable that you will first have to learn the backgammon rules. Backgammon Chouette is a multiplayer variant of standard backgammon played with three or more participants, where two will actually play, and the other players will bet against one of the players. It is generally played by players who already have some experience playing modern backgammon and using the cube. Therefore, if you are completely new to Backgammon Chouette, we advise you to read first our step-by-step introduction to the official Backgammon rules and our guide with a simple explanation about how to use the doubling cube. After you have played a few games of backgammon and you are familiar with the rules and the use of the doubling cube, it’s time to read our extensive guide with the official rules of Chouette.